Vitamin D deficiency – the Need to Supplement

Vitamin D SupplementVitamin D deficiency is widespread in today's lifestyle due to the fact that we are tending to spend less time outdoors, getting less exposure to natural sunlight. Just spending 20 minutes in the sunshine can produce as much as 10,000iu of Vitamin D.  The use of sunblock to reduce skin cancer is also probably contributing to reducing our Vitamin D uptake. Although it is not good to get sun burnt it is good to get plenty of exposure to the sunshine.

  • Vitamin D helps in strengthening immunity
  • Vitamin D helps to promote a healthy skeleton
  • Vitamin D protects the skin and brain
  • Vitamin D aids in balancing the immune response

Recent studies suggest that adequate levels of Vitamin D are beneficial for skeletal health, cardio vascular health, prevention of certain types of cancers and also to help alleviate depression.

Most people who live in Northern Europe would benefit from vitamin D supplements, especially people with darker skin.  Vitamin D supplements, such as Vibrant Health's vitamin D supplement, are relatively inexpensive, but important none-the-less.

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