Vegetarian Protein Powders

Maximum VibranceIt's become widely accepted that vegetarian protein powders and supplements can be an excellent source for amino acids, in an easily absorbed product.  Whether you are vegetarian or not, vegetarian-derived proteins can help you build muscle and provide a great source of nutrition.

Maximum Vibrance

Maximum Vibrance is currently the most complete dietary supplement available.  It not only delivers high amino acid content, but is enriched with nearly every other nutrient needed by the human body for optimum health, including vitamins, plant nutrients and minerals.

Maximum Vibrance, the latest product from Vibrant Health, has earned it's status as a Futurefood, because of it's massive list of nutrient content.

Pure Green ProteinPure Green Protein

Pure Green Protein, again manufactured by Vibrant Health, offers a combination of free amino acids with high nutrient plant extracts, resulting in a energy-sustaining protein supplement.

With an amino acid profile closely resembling human muscle tissue, it provides nourishment for your cells whilst encouraging healthy muscle growth, being easily absorbed into the body.

SportsPro Vegetarian ProteinSportsPro Vegetarian Protein

Omega Nutrition have made great advances with their protein supplement SportsPro.  With it's range of high vegetarian proteins it provides you with all the amino acids your body needs to maintain optimum health and to build sustainable body mass.

It can be mixed into any smoothie or soup, being the perfect supplement for an active lifestyle.  More information and a full breakdown of ingredients can be found by clicking on the picture.

Pumpkin Seed Protein Powder

Pumpkin Seed Protein PowderAnother vegetarian protein supplement is Omega Nutrition's Pumpkin Seed Protein Powder.  With higher protein levels than hemp or soya, being highly absorbable, it is enriched with a wide range of beneficial nutrients.

Pumpkin seeds are well known for their source of protein, but Pumpkin Seed Protein Powder provides more than twice the protein as raw pumpkin seeds!  This will give all the amino acids needed for building healthy muscle.

Click on the images for more information on each product and a full breakdown of ingredients.

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