Use Coconut Oil Instead of Toxic Sunscreen

SunshineAs summer approaches, the days are longer, more sunshine... sounds great doesn't it?  You will undoubtedly be thinking about some UV protection, but instead of using toxic sunscreens, how about using some organic extra virgin coconut oil instead.

The same extra virgin coconut oil you use in the kitchen will provide a good protection from the sun, but without all the extra toxic ingredients found in most commercial sunscreens.  In fact, studies show that about 75% of commercial sunscreens on the market today contain toxic chemicals that are linked to cancer and hormone imbalance.

The people of the pacific islands have been using coconut oil as a natural sunscreen  for thousands of years!

Facts About Toxic Sunscreens

SPF, sun protection factor, can be misleading, as the SPF number doesn't tally with the percentage of UVB rays that it blocks.  An SPF factor 15 blocks approximately 93% of all incoming UVB rays.  SPF 30 will block about 97%, SPF 50 about 98%.  It appears to be a clever marketing strategy, where you would expect a factor 50 to offer twice the protection of a factor 25.

SPF factor rating applies to the UVB rays which cause damage to the skin from over exposure and can lead to cancer, but the SPF factor does not indicate the amount of protection from the highly damaging UVA rays.

Most sunscreens on the market today contain Retinyl palmitate - a known hazard linked to skin cancer.  They're also likely to contain oxybenzone - which causes hormone imbalance, also linked to cell damage and cancer.  In certain colourless sunscreens you will find zinc and titanium.  These substances will be absorbed by your skin and into your blood.

Use Coconut Oil as a Sunscreen Instead

Good quality coconut oil has a natural SPF factor of around 10, which means it blocks about 90% of UBV rays.  Unlike some commercial sunscreen, it doesn't completely block out the UVB rays which are needed by our body for vitamin synthesis to work.

Exposure to some sunshine on a daily basis is vital for our overall health.  Over-exposure on the other hand is not advised, as it's over-exposure that is the cause of several issues.  Also worth noting is everyone has different skin, with different tolerances to sunlight.

Virgin Coconut OilAs long as you use pure, unprocessed coconut oil, it is great for your skin. It acts as a protection to the underlying tissues also.  You are more likely to tan lightly instead of burning or turning red.  Coconut oil will make your skin more resilient to sunburn. Before you plaster on a commercial sunscreen, think twice about what you are putting on your skin and the toxins that you are allowing into your body.

Next time you are enjoying some of natures natural vitamin D source, the sunshine, consider using a good quality coconut oil as a natural alternative for sunscreen, such as Omega Nutrition's Organic Virgin Coconut Oil.

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