Supplements for Children’s Growth

Supplements for Children’s Growth

It's vitally important that our children get a proper nutrition whilst they are growing, especially between the ages of 4 through to 13.  During these years, a child's metabolism is higher, so their nutritional requirements are higher in relation to body weight than that of an adult.  Providing good nutrition for our children not only encourages normal growth, but also lays down healthy eating habits that will stay with them into their adult years.

Most parents would agree that it's important to encourage our children to eat healthy meals.  But in reality, it is easier said than done.  Many children can be picky, not wanting to eat the nourishing vegetables.  It can prove very difficult for a parent to ensure their child is receiving all the nutrients needed for a child's normal growth.

Green Vibrance JuniorA healthy diet for our children is vitally important to provide the nutrients that support optimum physical growth and cognitive development. This will help our children to establish healthy eating behaviors early on that lowers the risk of chronic diseases in adulthood.  Although it is generally advised that nutrition should come from food, many children do not reach daily intake recommendations for many nutrients, such as vitamins A, C, E, and K and certain minerals, including calcium and magnesium.

This is when a good nutritional supplement for children comes into its own.  Green Vibrance Junior, from Vibrant Health, is a nutritious supplement that's been specifically prepared to meet the requirements of growing children.  Green Vibrance Junior provides many essential minerals such as zinc, copper, iron, selenium, manganese, chromium and vanadium.

Here are the full list of nutrients, minerals, etc which make up Green Vibrance Junior, the supplement for children's growth:

Green Vibrance Junior - Supplement Facts

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