Alkaline Water to Prevent and Treat High Cholesterol

Harmful LDL cholesterol build-up in our body is often associated with the excessive consumption of omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids. Recent studies suggest that high cholesterol levels, and the cardiovascular problems that go along with this, are also directly connected to your body’s pH balance.

cholesterolAcidic compounds can cause the lining of the arteries to become scratched, making it easier for fatty plaques and cholesterol to adhere to them.  This causes the arteries to become narrowed, which is dangerous, as it can raise blood pressure leading to heart attacks.  Also, the deposits can break free from the arterial walls, traveling through the body to the brain, causing strokes.

Although it may be true that your body will only manufacture dangerous LDL cholesterol when you consume an excessive amounts of unhealthy fats, cholesterol will only be applied if you allow your blood and tissues to become overly acidic, forcing your body to repair tears in the arterial walls with plaques.

Prevention of LDL Cholesterol Deposits

The best way to prevent cholesterol deposits from developing is to ensure that your body's pH balance doesn’t deviate towards acidity, thus preventing damage to veins and arteries.

By drinking plenty of alkaline, antioxidant water that’s rich in minerals like potassium, zinc and magnesium, this will help to neutralize acids in your blood, and retain optimum pH balance. Evidence suggests also that, over time, the process of alkalizing your body can aid in breaking down cholesterol deposits that already exist, reducing the strain placed on your cardiovascular system.

Green food supplements such as Green Vibrance powder can supply most of the alkaline minerals needed to neutralize acids in the blood to reduce cholesterol,  another great way to bring your body back into optimum balance and help protect your body from damaging acids.

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