Alkaline to Acidic pH Foods Chart

Healthy nutrition is key to attaining optimum health. Most of us were encouraged as children to "eat our greens". As time goes by, more studies are carried out and we are able to find out the science behind those old cliches.

It all comes down to the fact that we need to increase the amount of fresh organic vegetables and fruit in our daily diet, eating the raw option whenever possible. Vegetables and fruits are generally the most alkaline of foods. By consuming more high-alkaline foods and alkaline rich filtered water, we can neutralize and  balance out any acid-forming foods we have eaten, such as some meats, fish, dairy products, nuts, and grain.

The reference to foods to be "alkalising" or "acidifying" simply means the effect the food has on our body after it is consumed and digested.   I found it surprising to learn that lemons and limes, which are citrus, actually are alkalising!

The Alkaline to Acidic pH Foods Chart below is provided as a general guide for those trying to improve their heath by monitoring your pH balance, and can be printed out to stick on your refrigerator as a quick reference.

Acid Alkaline pH Food Chart

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